Cave inventory developed with Notion System (1993)

Ronald in Aven des poubelles - Saint Étienne les Orgues Aven des Cèdres - Saint Étienne les Orgues

The ancestor of the semantic network technologies was Notion System.

Notion system was a HyperCard application and developed in the early nineties (1991 - 1997).

The first application realized with the Notion System core was an inventory of caves mainly in the department of the "Alpes de Haute Provence" in the south of France. This inventory was realized for the "GORS - Groupe Oraisonnais de Recherche Spéléologique" and the "CDS04 - Comité Départemental de Spéléologie des Alpes de Haute-Provence". It contained all available information for all the caves and was initially for the members of the club.

At that time computers were not very wide spread and the application could generate html files to be printed. As the system contained material for which we had not (yet) obtained the reproduction rights, the html files came in two flavors: one contained all the available material and the second only that part for which all rights were acquired.

To show what was possible almost two decades ago with semantic network technologies, I've made the last generated html output (in June 1997) of this application available.

For obvious reasons this is the public French version.

By Ronald Poell, 2013-06-29